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/ Ticketing / FAQs
1.How many tickets can I order in each transaction?
Maximum of 4 tickets for each show and a maximum total of 40 tickets can be purchased in each transaction.

2.What is “Verified By Visa”?
“Verified by Visa” is now available on URBTIX and HK TICKETING website. If you are using a Visa card for payment, your issuing institution may verify your identity through an eCommerce website. The password may be one that you nominate yourself and must remember, or, it could be a code the bank sends you via SMS when you are about to make an online payment. You cannot complete the transaction if “Verified by Visa” fails to authenticate your identity. To avoid this, please visit Visa Website and contact your Visa card issuing institution to learn more about this new security feature.

3. What is “MasterCard SecureCode Service”?
If you are using a MasterCard for payment, your issuing institution may verify your identity through " MasterCard SecureCode Service". You cannot complete the transaction if " MasterCard SecureCode Service " fails to authenticate your identity. To avoid this, please visit MasterCard Website and contact your MasterCard issuing institution to learn more about this new security feature.

4. Can I choose seats when buying Festival tickets?
All screenings offer free seating.

5. Why are your programmes offer free seating only?
Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) is Hong Kong’s largest international film event. Filmgoers purchase lots of tickets in one batch to enjoy various film titles. As a non-profit organization, HKIFFS strives to be fair to the general public to allow as many people as possible to be able to purchase tickets and enjoy the programme. Referencing practices of other international film festivals, HKIFFS also provides free seating arrangement to the audience. By offering free seating, audiences can purchase tickets of different screenings within a short period of time. Also, audiences can select favorable seats during admission.

6. What kinds of payment do you accept?
The URBTIX and HK TICKETING website accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, China UnionPay Card for purchase. Cash, China UnionPay Card, AMEX and the credit cards listed above (except Diners Club) are accepted at URBTIX Outlets and HK TICKETING Box Offices / Authorised Agents. Your credit card will be debited once the transaction is successful. All tickets sold are not refundable or exchangeable.

7. Disabled seating and special needs bookings. Wheelchair seats are available in most venues.
Wheelchair users can purchase tickets via various URBTIX and HK TICKETING ticketing channels (counter, Internet, mobile app and credit card telephone booking). Contact details are required for screenings at venues under Leisure and Cultural Services Department for necessary admission assistance. If tickets purchased via online or telephone, the customer may contact the related venues for further admission assistance.

8. If I purchase tickets only 1 hour prior to the screening, can the staff still arrange disabled and special seating for me?
For LCSD venues, wheelchair seats will be available for public sales from 10 am on the screening date. For better arrangements, early purchase is appreciated, the venue staff members are experienced to make special arrangements.

9. If I encounter problems when buying tickets online/payment, what should I do?
Please contact URBTIX and HK Ticketing for further assistance:


Customer Service and Technical Support

Email: urbtix@cityline.com.hk

Phone: (+852) 2314-4228  

Service hours : 10:00 - 20:00 (Mondays to Sundays, including public holidays)

Ticketing Enquiries

Phone: (+852) 3761 6661

Service hours: 10:00 - 20:00 (Mondays to Sundays, including public holidays)



Customer Service Hotline

Phone: +852 2922 8288

Service hours: 09:00 - 18:00 (Mondays to Fridays)

10. How to check online transaction records?
You may contact URBTIX, HK TICKETING or respective credit card hotline for further assistance.


Phone: (+852) 3761-6661

Office Hours: 10:00 - 20:00 (Mondays to Sundays, including public holidays)


Phone: +852 2922 8288

Service hours : 09:00 - 18:00 (Mondays to Fridays)

11.What are the refund procedures?
All the tickets sold are not refundable unless the film is newly classified as Category III, and refunds will be made to the ticket holders under 18 years of age who bought the tickets before the announcement. Please apply for a refund on or before 19th April 2019. Application form can be downloaded here. Please refer to “Refund & Programme Changes” Section in “Booking Guide” for details.

12.Do you have any standby tickets for sold-out screenings?
A limited number of standby tickets for sold-out screenings are on sale at HK Cultural Centre Grand Theatre and HK City Hall Theatre 30 minutes before the screening time at the respective screening venue. Seating is subject to availability after the admission of VIP Pass holders and all ticket holders. Each person can purchase up to 2 standby tickets per transaction.

13. Why only venues such as HKCC and HK City Hall sell standby tickets?
Due to venue constraints, only these LCSD venues offer standby tickets.

14. Are the URBTIX and HK TICKETING websites in-sync with the HKIFF website? Are both of them real-time in showing available seats for purchase?
The URBTIX and HK TICKETING websites provide the real-time information about the seating availability but the HKIFF website refreshes accordingly when any changes regarding full house matters, the addition of category III films, as well as screening time and venues are known.

15. Why can screenings at commercial cinemas not be purchased at their box office two days prior to the respective screenings?
URBTIX is the sole agent for ticket sale till 5 pm one day before respective screenings. Customers can only purchase tickets for same day screenings at the box office of respective commercial cinemas.


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