/ Ticketing / FAQs
/ Ticketing / FAQs
1. How can I collect the tickets I have purchased?            
URBTIX: Internet, mobile app and telephone bookings for all URBTIX events are usually available from the first ticket sale date until 1 hour before performance. You can choose to collect your pre-paid tickets from Cityline Ticket Dispensing Machines / URBTIX Sales Counters or by mail (registered mail only) or courier delivery. Tickets booked within 7 days of the performance can only be collected from Cityline Ticket Dispensing Machines / URBTIX Sales Counters. Please present the credit card you used for the booking for verification and collection of your pre-paid tickets. For bookings by China UnionPay Online payment, please use the automatically generated claim ID and your user-defined password to collect your pre-paid tickets from Cityline Ticket Dispensing Machines.K11 Art House: Tickets are available for collection at K11 Art House immediately after the transaction, until 30 minutes after the start of the performance. Please bring along the same credit card used for online ticketing in order to collect tickets at the cinema. Tickets may be collected either at the counter or at the online kiosks available at the cinema. If online PPS payment and online Octopus payment is used, please print out the 'confirmation page' or write down the 'booking number' and provide booking number for ticket collection at the box office counter.

2. I forgot to bring the credit card used for the transaction to the screening venue. What should I do to collect the tickets I bought?           

HK Cultural Centre, HK City Hall, Tai Kwun and HK Arts Centre: Please inform the staff at the screening venue and present the exact credit card you have used for purchasing the tickets to the venue staff. The staff will check your purchasing record. After confirmation of your transaction record, you are allowed to watch the screening. The owner of an original ticket always takes privilege over the owner of a replacement ticket. The replacement ticket does not entitles its owner being seated elsewhere. K11 Art House: In case you haven’t brought the credit card, please present the reservation number for ticket collection.

3. Can I get another ticket if there is a mail loss?            

HKIFFS is not responsible for any lost ticket. Tickets cannot be re-issued if posted wrongly, lost, stolen or damaged.

4. When I lost my ticket two years ago, you were able to make arrangement for me to go to screenings I have purchased. Why can’t you do this for me this year?
If you lost your ticket, you must purchase a new ticket in order to attend the screening. Please keep your tickets safe and treat it like cash. Put your tickets away from direct heat, sunlight, and moisture. Please be aware, our tickets are printed on heat-sensitive paper. Any contact with higher temperatures will cause the ticket to darken or turn black, do not store your tickets near or on hot surfaces. Do not attempt to laminate tickets.


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