Extension Activities

Meet-the-Audience Sessions

Date / Time Venue Film Title Remarks
24/3 (Mon)
8:30 PM KG Aberdeen
9:30 PM CE1 The Midnight After
25/3 (Tue)
12:30 PM IS Lilting Cancelled
5:00 PM UC September New
7:00 PM MP Three Charmed Lives
7:15 PM UC The Rice Bomber
7:20 PM IS Barber's Tales
8:30 PM KG In the Heat of the Sun New
9:00 PM CE1 Yves Saint Laurent
9:30 PM GC 3D Naked Ambition
9:50 PM IS Sapi
26/3 (Wed)
7:00 PM KG Better Tomorrow
7:45 PM GC Abuse of Weakness
9:30 PM IS Manila in the Claws of Light New
27/3 (Thu)
1:30 PM SP ICAC A Time of Hope
2:30 PM GC Mr. Vampire
7:00 PM KG Twelve Nights
7:15 PM GC Beautiful 2014
7:15 PM IS From a Pimple to Nirvana
7:30 PM UC Lilting New
9:30 PM KG Yves Saint Laurent Cancelled
28/3 (Fri)
2:30 PM MP Twelve Nights New
7:00 PM KG The Midnight After
7:30 PM GC Jodorowsky's Dune New
9:30 PM GC Enthralled
9:30 PM IS Barber's Tales
29/3 (Sat)
12:00 PM KG My Name is Hmmm…
5:15 PM GC Lessons In Dissent
7:30 PM SP ICAC Man with the Iron Heart
30/3 (Sun)
12:15 AM IS 3D Naked Ambition
10:30 AM KG Kimmy Dora: Ang Kiyemeng Prequel
12:50 PM KG Campus Confidential
3:00 PM UC Night Flight
3:15 PM KG On the Job
3:40 PM SP ICAC No Regrets
5:15 PM GC Jodorowsky's Dune New
6:15 PM KG Black Coal, Thin Ice New
7:00 PM IS The Losers
7:30 PM UL Web Junkie
9:45 PM IS Otso Cancelled
31/3 (Mon)
2:00 PM MP The Deepest Breath
1/4 (Tue)
2:00 PM MP The Deepest Breath
7:15 PM SM Lessons In Dissent
7:15 PM UC Flowing Stories
9:30 PM UC Web Junkie
9:30 PM IS Quick Change
10:00 PM GC Violet
2/4 (Wed)
2:30 PM AC The Square New
3:30 PM SP ICAC A Chance for Redemption
7:15 PM SM Cairo Drive
7:15 PM GC Castanha New
9:15 PM GC Dot 2 Dot
9:15 PM SM Meat and Milk
9:30 PM UC No Man's Land
3/4 (Thu)
1:30 PM SP ICAC High Finance Scams
2:00 PM MP Lessons In Dissent New
3:30 PM AC Avant Garde Programme II New
5:00 PM GC 40 Days of Silence
7:15 PM IS Protector
7:30 PM GC The Tale of Iya
7:30 PM UL My Name is Salt
9:15 PM KG The Snow White Murder Case New
9:15 PM GC Forma
9:30 PM IS In the Shadow
9:30 PM AC Matsumoto Toshio Programme I
4/4 (Fri)
2:00 PM AC Campus Confidential New
2:30 PM GC Disregarded People New
7:15 PM UL Exit
8:10 PM SM Campaign 2
9:00 PM SP Cosy Dens
9:30 PM AC Matsumoto Toshio Programme II
9:50 PM GC Thou Wast Mild and Lovely
5/4 (Sat)
10:30 AM SM Cairo Drive
12:30 PM GC Mother (Director's B/W version) New
2:45 PM KG Be My Baby
3:30 PM SP ICAC The Revolution Continues
4:00 PM GC Burning Bush
5:15 PM UL My Name is Salt
5:15 PM AC Matsumoto Toshio Programme I
6:50 PM SP The Night
7:15 PM MP Dot 2 Dot
7:30 PM AC Matsumoto Toshio Programme II
9:00 PM SP Identity Card
9:15 PM UL Shadow Days
6/4 (Sun)
12:30 PM GC 10 Minutes
3:00 PM GC Flowing Stories
3:00 PM SM ICAC The Law and the People
5:15 PM UL Homeland
5:15 PM AC Norte, The End of History
7:00 PM MP Be My Baby
7:30 PM GC Macondo New
7:45 PM UL Ice Poison
9:00 PM SP The Last Moose of Aoluguya
9:00 PM IS Walking Too Fast
7/4 (Mon)
2:00 PM AC Tamako in Moratorium New
7:15 PM KG That Demon Within
7:15 PM UL Czech-Made Man
9:30 PM UL Honeymoon
9:45 PM SM Those Gathered

Venue code
CE1 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Theatre 1
KG Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre
CT Hong Kong City Hall Theatre
SM Hong Kong Science Museum Lecture Hall
SP Hong Kong Space Museum Lecture Hall
AC Hong Kong Arts Centre Agnès b. CINEMA!
UC UA Cityplaza
UL UA Langham Place
GC The Grand Cinema
FA Hong Kong Film Archive Cinema
MP The Metroplex