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Ichi the Killer
Midnight Heat
Ichi the Killer
Midnight Heat
Ichi the Killer
Midnight Heat


Miike TakashiAsano Tadanobu, Ohmori Nao, Tsukamoto Shinya, Paulyn Sun

Japan / 2001 / 128 minutes / DCP / Color

Full and loving restoration of the 2001 gory carnival that assaulted audiences and was even banned in Norway. A cinematic epic of brutal and complicated yakuza conflicts, betrayals and manipulation. Prostitutes who are used and discarded, often by murder. Psychotic killers who find sexual gratification in their actions. And all these events are intertwined with themes of memory, family and loyalty that link this horrific manga violence to the real world. Come and enjoy the gorefest, if you dare…

  • 24PU3E2

    9:15 PM

    Jockey Club Auditorium, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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  • 01GC4E3

    11:55 PM

    The Grand Cinema

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