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Cagka Zencirci, Guillaume GiovanettiDamla Sönmez, Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, Emin Gürsoy

France / Germany / Luxembourg / Turkey / 2018 / Turkish / 95 minutes / DCP

Whistling across the hilly fields in rural Turkey is Sibel’s only way to communicate. Ostracized by the villagers for her muteness, the headman’s daughter aspires to kill a renowned wolf to gain community recognition, only to encounter a wounded fugitive who awakens many forces within her. Folklores, ancestral resentment and a kind of emancipation come together in this touching and resplendent drama – a poignant portrait of a free-spirited and uncompromising woman who needs no words or whistles to live fully.

  • 21TC2

    9:45 PM

    MCL Telford Cinema

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  • 31PE4

    5:15 PM

    PREMIERE Elements

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