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Satoshi: A Move for Tomorrow
I See It My Way
Satoshi: A Move for Tomorrow
I See It My Way
Satoshi: A Move for Tomorrow
I See It My Way


Mori YoshitakaMatsuyama Kenichi, Higashide Masahiro, Sometani Shota, Lily Franky

Japan / 2016 / 124 minutes / DCP (GC), HDCAM (SM)

A celebrated champion of “shogi”, a traditional Japanese game similar to chess, Murayama Satoshi’s career was cut short after he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Despite his illness, Satoshi eschewed treatment in order to pursue his passion and challenge the game’s greatest players. Director Mori Yoshitaka (Space Brothers, 2012) mirrors shogi’s strict rituals and regulations through his film’s disciplined, understated style. Nevertheless, Matsuyama Kenichi conveys a rebellious determination that drives the film’s familiar, though inspiring underdog narrative.

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    Hong Kong Science Museum

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