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Gala Premiere
Personal Shopper
Gala Premiere
Personal Shopper
Gala Premiere


Olivier AssayasKristen Stewart, Lars Eidinger, Sigrid Bouaziz

France / 2016 / 105 minutes / DCP

Mystery and the supernatural converge in a drama galvanized by Kristen Stewart, once again reaching new heights as the complex muse of Cannes laureate Olivier Assayas (Something in the Air, 37th). The multilayered plot twists and turns around a young but thoughtful heroine (Stewart), a dead twin who may still be trying to communicate with her, a fashionista boss who definitely is not and the complications that separate and unite life and death. Horror is not just about slash and gore: as Assayas probes the genre, he shows that grief has dimensions that bring together the everyday and the supernatural, the mysterious and the lost. Cannes Film Festival Best Director Award.

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  • 21KG4E1

    7:45 PM

    Hong Kong Cultural Centre

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  • 23GC4M2

    2:15 PM

    The Grand Cinema

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