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HKIFF43 Launches Key Art Design


The 43rd Hong Kong International Film Festival Launches Key Art Design

Wing Shya Joins Aaron Kwok to Bring Colours to HKIFF43

19 December 2018 (Hong Kong) – The 43rd Hong Kong International Film Festival launches its key art design today with the theme “Colours in the Dark”, designed by internationally acclaimed photographer and visual artist Wing Shya, who teamed up with Hong Kong Film Award winner Aaron Kwok – this year’s Ambassador – to start the countdown towards the Festival, to be held from 18 March to 1 April 2019.
The Hong Kong International Film Festival, one of the oldest in Asia, has recently invited Shya to oversee the creation of a new thematic design. In his first collaboration with the HKIFF, Shya’s stunning artwork – released publicly for the first time today – features a silhouette set against an exotic background of intense colour palette with a dreamlike impression. 
“I have always been fascinated by high colour saturation and intense compositions,” said Shya. “I hope the image resonates with the festival’s new theme, capturing the essence of cinematic experiences and inspiring unchartered imagination.”
HKIFF’s executive director Albert Lee hopes that, thematically, “Colours in the Dark” would evoke diversity and dynamism of the cinematic world. “We want our audience to experience and share voyages of discovery in the near-darkness of a cinema, and be inspired by extravagant images and colours,” he said.   
As part of the campaign, Shya will shoot a series of still portraits of Aaron Kwok, the HKIFF43 ambassador, to promote the festival.
“I have personally known Wing for many years and I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with him,” said Kwok. “He is a true master of light and shadow.”



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