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HKIFF43 Launches First Ever Merchandise Collection



The 43rd Hong Kong International Film Festival

Launches First Ever Merchandise Collection



The 43rd Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF43) launches its first ever themed merchandise collection in collaboration with renowned international and local brands.  


Inspired by “Colours in the Dark”, the theme of this year’s festival, the collection features a range of tailor-made merchandise from handcrafted beer, stylish T-shirts to special edition notebooks that manifest the unlimited possibilities of imagination.  Online ordering starts today, in limited stocks.


In addition, HKIFF43 will offer two special passes for this year’s festival, to be held from 18 March to 1 April, which allow bearers priority admittance to all applicable screenings during the festival period.  These passes are also only available in limited quantity and come with a host of complimentary HKIFF43 merchandise and publications.


Online ordering: please click HKIFF43 Merchandise and Pass



Collaboration with local brands – Launch of limited edition beverages under the theme “Colours in the Dark”

HKIFF43 partners with local brands, including Heroes Beer Co, BASAO and MBL Wine Group, to creates a series of beverage products under the theme “Colours in the Dark”.  From handcrafted beer, premium tea to full-bodied wine, these special beverages are perfect companions while enjoying good films.


Exclusive Merchandises in Honor of Filmmaker in Focus: Sammo Hung

HKIFF43 will launch two exclusive merchandises in honor of this year’s Filmmaker in Focus, Sammo Hung.  His charisma and trailblazing career have inspired the creation of a crafted beer and a unique T-shirt. 


Limited Edition Merchandises under the theme “Colours in the Dark”

Designed by internationally acclaimed photographer and visual artist Wing Shya, the key art design of HKIFF43, “Colours in the Dark”, features a silhouette set against an exotic background of an intense colour palette with a dreamlike impression and captures the essence of cinematic experiences and inspiring unchartered imagination.


HKIFF43 Special Passes Launches on 30 January 2019

The two special passes for HKIFF43 will go on sale on 30 January 2019.  Click here for details.


VIP Pass


  • VIP Pass holder can attend all screenings of HKIFF43*
    VIP Pass holder is entitled to have:
  • One copy each of "The 43rd HKIFF Main Catalogue" and "Filmmaker in Focus: Sammo Hung";
  • HKIFF43 limited merchandise (valued over HK$1,200); and
  • One Cine Fan Classic Privilege.


Discovery Pass


  • Discovery Pass holders will have access to all non sold-out screenings at four specific venues#
    Discovery Pass holder is entitled to have:
  • One copy of "The 43rd HKIFF Main Catalogue";
  • Selected HKIFF43 limited edition merchandise; and
  • One Cine Fan Classic Privilege.


* Except special screenings

# Hong Kong Cultural Centre (Grand Theatre); Jockey Club Auditorium, The Polytechnic University; Hong Kong City Hall (Theatre); Hong Kong Science Museum (Lecture Hall)



Brand Stories

1. Moleskine

Moleskine® was created as a brand in 1997, bringing back to life the nameless black notebooks used by writers and artists like Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin that had long gone out of print.

Today, the Moleskine brand encompasses a family of objects that enhance productivity and creativity including notebooks, diaries and planners, journals, bags, writing instruments, reading accessories, publishing and digital tools.  The Moleskine brand is a worldwide presence thanks to over 80 Moleskine Stores and the innovative retail concept, the Moleskine Café.


2.  Heroes Beer Co

Heroes Beer Co is a Hong Kong craft beer producer founded in 2017.  Within less than two years, it has won numerous awards from major international competitions, and started exporting to Mainland China, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Its name is based on the notion that everyone can be a beer superstar, a concept that is reflected in its tagline: "Unleash the hero within".

Heroes Beer Co unleashes the hero within every beer lover they work with, to create the most unique and inspiring beers, and share them with the beer community.


3. MBL

Established in 2009, MBL has been expending its distribution network continuously, with branch shops, clubs and distribution points in China Region, in areas include Hong Kong, Guangdong Province, Guangxi and Yunnan Province etc.

MBL is the exclusive representative for many world-known wineries, including Braastad Cognac XO and Chateau de Beaulon XO, quality and variety of products are well recognized by connoisseurs and wine lovers.



BASAO is a Hong Kong tea brand founded in 2015.

BASAO works closely with small tea gardens across Asia to combine traditional, time honored production methods with cutting edge soil and leaf analysis to ensure the high standard of the end products.

The result is a range of exceptional single-origin 'clean-grown' teas, verified free from chemical pesticides.



TPOIX’s garment is high quality and the design is minimal. It provides various of options for people to create their own style. Abiding by such aspiration, TOPIX has strived to create a community for tee lovers who enjoy the simplicity and essence of T-shirts.


HKIFF43 Launches Key Art Design
HKIFF43 Announces Award-winning Features from Asian New Talents
HKIFF43 Ambassador: Aaron KWOK
HKIFF43 Launches Key Art Design
HKIFF43 Announces Award-winning Features from Asian New Talents
HKIFF43 Ambassador: Aaron KWOK


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