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Star-studded Turnout as Award-winning No.7 Cherry Lane Debuts


Star-studded Turnout

as Award-winning No.7 Cherry Lane Debuts


25 October 2020 (Hong Kong) – The evening glittered as Hong Kong’s stars turned out in force for a gala CineFest screening of YONFAN’s award-winning No.7 Cherry Lane at K11 Art House tonight, organized by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS).


The winner of Best Screenplay at the 76th Venice Film Festival last year, No.7 Cherry Lane was YONFAN’s first foray into animation through a richly seductive and nostalgic journey into the Hong Kong of his youth.  Joining the auteur to greet the audience after the screening of a director’s cut of the film are members of its stellar voice cast, including Sylvia CHANG, Alex LAM, Fruit CHAN, YAO Wei, Kenneth TSANG, CHIAO Chiao, and Sandy LAMB.


Adapted from three of YONFAN’s own short stories and set in Hong Kong in 1967, No.7 Cherry Lane follows the love triangle between an elite university student, his young pupil, and her elegant single mother.  Featuring a unique 2D hand-drawn aesthetic, this gorgeously rendered love letter to the crossroads of art and lust captures Hong Kong during its most promising and, yet, tumultuous eras.  


“I am thrilled to be able to present No.7 Cherry Lane to the public finally.  I spent seven years producing the film which I took to many festivals around the world.  Much to my regret, it’s not until tonight that I can share it properly with an audience in Hong Kong,” YONFAN told his supporters.


Sylvia CHANG, who voiced the single mother, said YONFAN’s love for Hong Kong inspired the evocatively nostalgic No.7 Cherry Lane.  “The film demonstrates YONFAN’s aesthetics and contemplation on people, life, time and an era of change.  It is a film worth repeated watching because you’ll discover something different and new every time,” she said.


Playing the university student, Alex LAM said he had gained a lot of valuable experience from working on voice acting with YONFAN and other veteran actors after “failing” his first audition.  “I recorded a scene on my mobile phone, but director YONFAN rejected it,” LAM said.  “I tried again, adding more nuances, and I managed to convince him finally.  I am glad I didn’t give up.  I learned so much from them.”


Director Fruit CHAN, participating as a voice actor in a film for the first time, noted that making an animation film was very time-consuming.  “I recorded my part almost four years ago,” CHAN said.  “And I didn’t realize I was to play the Black Cat until I turned up at the studio!”


CineFest is a special programme of in-theatre screenings organized by HKIFFS, showcasing films from the cancelled HKIFF44 and Cine Fan programmes.  It takes place daily at K11 Art House for five consecutive weeks until 5 November.  Programme details are available at HKIFFS’s official website (www.hkiff.org.hk) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/hkiffs).  Tickets can be purchased at K11 Art House’s box office or online (www.uacinemas.com.hk/chi/cinema/1101). 



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