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Kobayashi MasakiNakadai Tatsuya, Mikuni Rentaro, Iwashita Shima

Japan / 1962 / Japanese / 134 minutes / 35mm / Black & White

Slashing open the brutality and hypocrisy behind the samurai spirit, Kobayashi Masaki set a new standard for Japanese period drama with his mesmerising aesthetics. Tracing the fates of two ronin begging to commit ritual suicide in the noble clansmen's garden, the story gradually unveils the determination of a desperate samurai to take his revenge and retain his honour. Through cold formalism of composition and movement, Kobayashi creates a fierce evocation of individual resolution against a corrupt system.

  • 03AC04

    9:30 PM

    Hong Kong Arts Centre Louis Koo Cinema

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  • 11TK01

    2:30 PM

    JC Cube, Tai Kwun

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