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Oshima NagisaKitano Takeshi, Matsuda Ryuhei, Asano Tadanobu

Japan / 1999 / Japanese / 100 minutes / 35mm / Colour

Credited with pioneering the revolutionary style of the Japanese New Wave, Oshima Nagisa returned to Shochiku for his final feature, loaded with the subversive forces of suppressed sexuality that were his signature. Set in the Shogun era, the arrival of an epicene neophyte inflames the repressed desire and erotic obsession of his Shinsengumi comrades. Radicalising the jidaigeki genre, the insurgent master left behind a brooding insight into Japanese military mentality, and a staunch critique of political imperialism.

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  • 02AC04

    9:30 PM

    Hong Kong Arts Centre Louis Koo Cinema

    Sold out

  • 06TK02

    6:10 PM

    JC Cube, Tai Kwun

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