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Tsukamoto ShinyaIkematsu Sosuke, Aoi Yu, Tsukamoto Shinya

Japan / 2018 / Japanese / 80 minutes / DCP / Color / English Subtitle

In the twilight of samurai culture, a skilled lone ronin in a farming community uses his blade for combat practice but not as a deadly weapon – unwilling to kill. Yet, war calls and he must face a motley gang of outlaws who slay his disciple and rape his lover. In a whirlwind of motion and raw energy, provocative cult director Tsukamoto Shinya (Fires on the Plain, 39th) shows a world torn between savage and empathic nature, where the male code of honor is falling apart. In competition, Venice Film Festival.

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    7:45 PM

    Jockey Club Auditorium, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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    11:55 PM

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