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Ilya Khrzhanovskiy, Jekaterina Oertel Natasha Berezhnaya, Vladimir Azhippo, Olga Shkabarnya, Luc Bigé

Germany, Ukraine, UK, Russia / 2020 / Russian, Ukrainian, English / 139 minutes / DCP / Color

Since 2006, director Ilya Khrzhanovsky has constructed an alternate world in the Ukraine, where citizens, scientists and actors have not only recreated a 1950s Soviet research center but have lived and worked in it, on and off screen. Distilled from this formidable project, this feature follows two working women entrapped in the system, cafeteria workers who interact with scientists and foreign visitors as well without grasping the operations of this sinister behemoth. Outstanding Artistic Contribution, Berlinale.
Post-talk (in Cantonese) with guest filmmaker Philip Yung

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  • 03KG02

    3:45 PM

    Hong Kong Cultural Centre

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  • AH

    7:00 PM

    K11 Art House (Tsim Sha Tsui)

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