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New Films by CARAX, YAMADA, and VERHOEVEN To Bookend 2021 Cine Fan SummerIFF

The 2021 Cine Fan Summer International Film Festival (SummerIFF) will open and close with significant new works by three auteurs – Leos CARAX’s Annette, YAMADA Yoji’s It’s a Flickering Life, and Paul VERHOEVEN’s Benedetta.


Returning to its regular slot after last year’s pandemic-enforced cancellation, SummerIFF will take place between 17 and 30 August, showcasing 33 new films and timeless classics, including five for online viewing.


Annette, the delightfully quirky musical tragedy that won CARAX Best Director at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, will open the 14-day extravaganza with its Asian premiere on 17 August. Starring Adam DRIVER and Marion COTILLARD, this all-singing tale of twisted love paradoxically reflect on the corrosive effects of egotism and fame. 


SummerIFF will conclude on 30 August with two films of contrasting styles.  Commemorating the centennial of Shochiku Cinema, the revered YAMADA’s It’s a Flickering Life is an affectionate comedy in which SAWADA Kenji and SUDA Masaki take the audience on a nostalgic journey into the Golden Age of Japanese cinema.  Following his masterpiece Elle that closed SummerIFF in 2016, Dutch master VERHOEVEN returns with the Asian premiere of his provocative and taboo-breaking Benedetta, transforming the real-life story of a 17th-century nun into a vexing commentary on the church’s hypocrisy and lust for power.


For followers of KON Satoshi and KIM Ki-Duk, SummerIFF will offer two retrospectives, highlighting the unique visions between dreams and reality of these late filmmakers.  Entitled The Dreamscapes of Kon Satoshi, the KON retrospective will include his four full-length features, from his directorial debut Perfect Blue (1997) to his final work, Paprika (2006).  The audience will also have a rare opportunity to experience KON’s ambitious animated series, Paranoia Agent (2004) – showing in two parts – and witness his whimsical flights of imagery, obscuring the real and the unreal.  The ingenious Japanese animator’s creative influence is evident in Pascal-Alex VINCENT’s tribute documentary, Satoshi Kon: The Illusionist, and Darren ARONOFSKY’s Requiem for a Dream


Despite being the only Korean director to have won top prizes at Cannes, Venice, and Berlin, KIM Ki-Duk remained hugely controversial – both professionally and privately – even after his death last year of COVID-19.  While many appreciate his aesthetics of violence entwined with an unusual sympathy for the underdogs, others despise his extreme human cruelty and cinematic assaults on women. SummerIFF’s nine-film retrospective, entitled From Darkness: Kim Ki-Duk, features many of KIM’s shocking and yet beautifully crafted dramas, including his breakout hit The Isle (2000), Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring (2003), Samaritan Girl (2004), 3-Iron (2004), and Pieta (2012), for all those who are keen to explore a critical debate.


Fresh from the international festival circuit are two Berlinale winners from this year: Korean auteur HONG Sang-Soo’s Introduction, the Silver Bear winner for Best Screenplay, and Maria SCHRADER’s android romantic comedy, I’m Your Man, featuring the festival’s first gender-neutral acting winner, Maren EGGERT.            


SummerIFF’s Fantastic Beats section features six dynamic films, including YAMAGUCHI Junta’s Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes, a sci-fi comedy on the time paradox, and Blue, YOSHIDA Keisuke’s true-to-life boxing drama, featuring MATSUYAMA Kenichi and HIGASHIDE Masahiro.     


SummerIFF for the first time, cinephiles can view five films from this year’s selection, including Fred SCOTT’s tribute documentary to Swedish master Roy ANDERSSON, Being a Human Person, through the SummerIFF Online platform.  KIM Ki-Duk’s self-indulgent re-enactment, Arirang, will be available SummerIFF online exclusively.


The complete SummerIFF 2021 programme is now available through our official website http://cinefan.com.hk. Tickets will go on sale from 4 August at all URBTIX outlets.  Full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and their carers, and CSSA recipients can enjoy discounted tickets at $28 each. 





The world premieres of Jimmy WAN’s Zero to Hero and Sunny LAU’s Sugar Street Studio will kick off the touring Hong Kong New Talents programme at the 23rd Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy.

Organised by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society in collaboration with the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels, the programme is financially supported by Create Hong Kong.  Starting with Udine, it will travel to other European, North American, and Asian cities.

The Udine programme will feature eight recent Hong Kong films, screening from 24 June to 2 July.  Joining Zero to Hero, an inspiring biopic on Paralympic champion SO Wa-wai, and Sugar Street Studio, a black comedy about a haunted film backlot, are One Second Champion (CHIU Sin-hang), Drifting (Jun LI), Hand Rolled Cigarette (CHAN Kin-long), Time (Ricky KO), Just 1 Day (Erica LI), and Keep Rolling (MAN Lim-chung). 

All films will be shown with Italian subtitles and feature virtual post-screening talks with the filmmakers.  Information on the programme, screening schedule, and ticketing is available on the FEFF official website.

“We are excited to showcase some of our new talents from Hong Kong to the international audiences through this special touring programme,” said HKIFFS Executive Director Albert LEE.  “The selection highlights the strong creativity and artistry of our young filmmakers who experimented boldly with genre reinventions and the changing landscapes.”


Sabrina BARACETTI, Far East Film Festival’s President and Artistic Director and a lifelong fan of Hong Kong cinema, believes the programme will offer a glimpse into the future by focusing on eight outstanding films by first or second-time directors.  “The programme will give our audience a taste of films from different genres, and it is a means to show our love and support for the Hong Kong film industry and its filmmakers,” she said.


Eddie CHEUNG, Special Representative for Hong Kong Economic and Trade Affairs to the European Union, observes that culture bridges communities, brings people together, and promotes exchanges. 


“Hong Kong has one of the most dynamic entertainment industries globally, and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has always played a complementary role in its support,” Mr CHEUNG said.  “We have supported many Hong Kong cultural events overseas, including film festivals.  Through the New Talents Programme, the international audience has the opportunity to take a glimpse of the creativity of the new generation of Hong Kong filmmakers.”

Films from the Hong Kong New Talents programme to be shown during the 23rd Far East Film Festival at Udine are:

  1. Drifting《濁水漂流》| 17:00, 2 July 2021

Having made a significant impact with his directorial debut Tracey in 2018, Jun LI’s second feature takes a closer look at Hong Kong’s homeless people.  The film features an outstanding ensemble of actors and shows a sensitive approach to an important social issue.

  1. Hand Rolled Cigarette《手捲煙》| 17:00, 1 July 2021

Actor-turned-filmmaker CHAN Kin-long’s gritty bromance drama hailed from the much-lauded First Feature Film Initiative.  It depicts two men who transcend their cultural and racial differences to form a brotherhood.

  1. Just 1 Day《給我1天》| 19:15, 29 June 2021

Adapted from her own 2018 novel, Erica LI’s heartfelt story about the importance of holding on to every precious memory in life is a sad reflection of an old Hong Kong vanishing under gentrification and rapid urban redevelopment.

  1. Keep Rolling《好好拍電影》| 14:00, 29 June 2021

The directorial debut of renowned production designer and art director MAN Lim-chung documents the 40-year career of Ann HUI, one of Hong Kong’s most influential filmmakers.  This documentary tracks HUI’s ups and downs and offers a rare glimpse into her family and upbringing.

  1. One Second Champion《一秒拳王》| 19:00, 27 June 2021

Born with the ability to see a split second into the future, a father takes up prize-fighting to fund his son’s surgery.  Musician-actor CHIU Sin-hang’s impressive solo directorial debut, after Vampire Cleanup Department (2017), topped Hong Kong’s box office on its March release.

  1. Sugar Street Studio《糖街製片廠》| 23:15, 1 July 2021

Renowned photographer and multimedia artist Sunny LAU made his directorial debut with a black comedy.  Based on local folklore, a film backlot becomes haunted after a tragic fire accident.

  1. Time《殺出個黃昏》| 17:00, 30 June 2021

First-time director Ricky KO’s satirical black comedy examines loneliness and lost ideals of old age.  Full of clever plot twists and hyper-stylised kudos to classic Hong Kong cinema, it features two veteran and iconic actors from Hong Kong’s golden age of Cantonese cinema, Patrick TSE and Petrina FUNG.

  1. Zero to Hero《媽媽的神奇小子》 | 11:00, 1 July 2021

Jimmy WAN’s biopic is a tribute to the awe-inspiring achievement of the gold medal-winning Paralympian SO Wa-wai and Hong Kong’s legions of never-say-die athletes.



HKIFF45 Concludes with Asian Premiere of Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

HKIFF45 Concludes with Asian Premiere of Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

The 45th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF45) draws to a successful conclusion with the Asian premiere of Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy, HAMAGUCHI Ryusuke’s Berlinale Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize winner.


The 12-day extravaganza took place in a hybrid format for the first time by combining physical and online screenings and events, showcased over 190 films from 58 countries and regions.


In a post-screening video message to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre audience – the first in Asia to experience Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy on the big screen, HAMAGUCHI credited Eric ROHMER’s favourite theme of coincidence as the inspiration for his triptych of short stories which delicately examining the callousness of desire and the brutality of love.


Picking up the baton from HKIFF45, Cine Fan will feature masterpieces by two supreme stylists, Douglas SIRK and Rainer Werner FASSBINDER, in its programme from May to July.  From a selection of their 19 classics, the audience can take a closer look at how SIRK transformed melodrama into an art form with his expressionist imagery and critical view of post-war society and how FASSBINDER channelled his inspiration from SIRK into his style of melodramas that subverted the genre.   


This Cine Fan edition will also mark the return of several screenings, including those from the FELLINI 100 retrospective, previously cancelled due to the health crisis.  More information is available at http://cinefan.com.hk/


The audience can purchase tickets for the Cine Fan programme online and through all URBTIX outlets.  Tickets for the rescheduled FELLINI 100 screenings are available at the K11 Art House box office.


Details on this year’s Cine Fan Summer International Film Festival (SummerIFF), to take place from 17 to 30 August, will be announced later.



HKIFF45 Announces Firebird And FIPRESCI Prize Winners

HKIFF45 Announces Firebird And FIPRESCI Prize Winners

The 45th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF45) today announced 14 Firebird Award and FIPRESCI Prize winners, including The Day is Over, The Wasteland, Mr. Bachmann and His Class, and Motorcyclist’s Happiness Won’t Fit Into His Suit.


In naming QI Rui’s The Day is Over Best Film of this year’s Young Cinema Competition (Chinese Language), the jury praised it for “aptly portraying contemporary society’s lack of care for the young generation and the subsequent impact on the development of their personal values”.  In the same section, Summer Blur garnered two awards – Best Director for HAN Shuai for his “impressive ability in portraying the characters’ psyche” and Best Actress for HUANG Tian for “intelligently guiding the audience into the tender inner world of a young girl”.  The Best Actor Award went to Wuhai’s HUANG Xuan, who “brilliantly exhibits the anguish and torment experienced by a man on the brink of crisis”.


In the Young Cinema Competition (World), the jury named Ahmad BAHRAMI’s The Wasteland Best Film for its “well-weighed metaphor of a state of the country (political, ecological, social)”.  Playing a doomed factory supervisor in the same film, Ali BAGHERI won Best Actor for his “naturalistic acting and solid facial texture”.  Looking for Venera confirmed the potential of female filmmakers from Kosovo by winning the section's remaining awards.  Norika SEFA took Best Director for “displaying great sensitivity and delicacy in the mise-en-scène”.  For her convincing performance as an intelligent teenager who struggles to define her own identity, Kosovare KRANIQI received the Best Actress award.


In the Documentary Competition, the jury unanimously awarded the Firebird Award to Mr. Bachmann and His Class by German director Maria SPETH, commending it for “picking out individual lives from vastly different backgrounds and showing how they can be transformed”.  Kurdish filmmaker Hogir HIRORI took the Jury Prize for Sabaya, a powerful documentary that illustrates a brutal world of war, extremism, and gender oppression.


The jury picked Motorcyclist’s Happiness Won’t Fit Into His Suit by Mexican filmmaker Gabriel HERRERA as the winner in the Firebird Award Short Film Competition.  The Jury Prize went to Russian filmmaker Sasha SVIRSKY’s Vadim on a Walk, while Emetjan MEMET’s Blessed Winter received a Special Mention.


This year’s FIPRESCI Prize went to CHONG Keat-aun’s The Story of Southern Islet.  The film received a commendation from the jury for “its creative portrayal of spirituality in an increasingly ungodly world”.   


The award recipients share their thoughts and reaction in specially-prepared videos recordings, which can be accessed through HKIFFS’s official website www.hkiff.org.hk or via this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDEJ-e5tAWU&ab_channel=HKIFFS .


Cine Fan Showcases Stylised Melodramas of SIRK and FASSBINDER

Cine Fan Showcases Stylised Melodramas of SIRK and FASSBINDER

The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society will spotlight masterpieces by two supreme stylists, Douglas SIRK and Rainer Werner FASSBINDER, in the next repertory Cine Fan Programme starting in May.


Hailed by many as the “godfather of camp”, SIRK elevated Hollywood cinema conventions to their most expressive potential by fashioning America's ironic view through his critical eyes as a German migrant.  Magnificent Obsession (1954), All That Heaven Allows (1955), Written on the Wind (1956), and Imitation of Life (1959) are the perfect realisation of his aesthetics, exploring sexual repression and unfulfilled desire under lavish Technicolor visuals.  Lurking beneath the façade of complacent bourgeois life, There's Always Tomorrow (1955), The Tarnished Angels (1957), and A Time to Love and A Time to Die (1958) reflect SIRK's cynical vision of American values and his blatantly artificial world full of dramatic contrasts.


Reawakened by SIRK's films, New German Cinema maverick FASSBINDER channelled his creative inspiration through melodramas that subverted the genre.  In his iconic The Merchant of Four Seasons (1972), The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (1972), and Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1974), he imbued his meditation of loneliness and shared kinship with SIRK's empathetic characters trapped by societal constraints.


Tracing the post-war history of West Germany through the perspectives of three remarkable women, The Marriage of Maria Braun (1979), Veronika Voss (1982), and Lola (1981) constituted FASSINBER's BRD Trilogy.  It garnered his greatest commercial success, marking the pinnacle of his cinematic career.  Cine Fan's selection of 12 FASSBINDER films also includes Fox and His Friends (1975), in which the writer-director stars as the embittered hero, and his final work Querelle (1982).  It offers a comprehensive overview of a tireless creator who often laid bare his soul for all to see, lived too fast, and died too young.


For this edition, audiences will have a chance to see two films by John M. STAHL: his 1934 version of Imitation of Life, which is far more than an evocative turn of phrase comparing to SIRK's later version, and his stunning Technicolor masterpiece, Leave Her to Heaven (1945), which continues to spark critical debate for its bold reinterpretation of established genres, is presented under Cinema Heritage, a new Cine Fan section featuring restored classics from The Film Foundation.  Showcased in the Restored Classic section is Leo McCAREY's heart-wrenching Depression-era drama Make Way for Tomorrow (1937), which foreshadowed Ozu Yasujiro's Tokyo Story (1953).


Three magnificent Hollywood actresses impress with their outstanding performances in the two classics under the Golden Age section.  Joan CRAWFORD won her only Academy Award in Mildred Pierce (1945), portraying a gallant woman who is hell-bent on freeing her family from economic hardship in Michael CURTIZ's eponymous noir melodrama.  Katherine HEPBURN and Elizabeth TAYLOR, the two stars in Joseph L. MANKIEWICZ's Suddenly, Last Summer (1959), were both Academy Awards Best Actress nominees for their striking transformation of the grotesque characters in Tennessee WILLIAMS' psychodrama.


Matching their brilliance is Ellen BURSTYN, who gives an Oscar-winning performance in Martin SCORSESE's Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974), a witty blending of a road movie with women's self-realisation.  Likewise, Kevin COSTNER stars as a dutiful farmer left musing over lost idealism in Phil Alden ROBINSON's Field of Dreams (1989), which offers a profound reflection on a father-and-son relationship.


This Cine Fan edition will also mark the return of several screenings, including those from the FELLINI 100 retrospective, previously cancelled due to the health crisis.  Audiences will have the final opportunity to watch La Dolce Vita (1960), (1963), The Apartment (1960) and The Circus (1928), among others.


The complete programme and schedule are available at www.cinefan.com.hk.  The public can purchase tickets through all URBTIX outlets starting from 8 April.



HKIFF45 Showcases Drifting With Asian Premiere

Director Jun LI hopes his new film, Drifting, which made its Asian premiere at the 45th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF45) tonight, can spotlight Hong Kong’s homeless people for more public attention. 


Joining LI at a star-studded gala screening at Hong Kong Cultural Centre was the ensemble cast, including Loletta LEE, Cecilia CHOI, CHU Pak-hong, Baby BO, Will OR, and Cecilia YIP in a special appearance.  Selected for the International Film Festival Rotterdam’s Big Screen Competition earlier this year, Drifting is the young filmmaker’s second feature following Tracey, his critically-acclaimed debut in 2018.


Based on a true story, Drifting recounts how an ex-convict, played by Francis NG, and his fellow drifters take their fight to court after the authorities had raided their makeshift homes and disposed of their belongings.


“I used to walk past the squatters in the Sham Shui Po underbridge every day on my way to school,” LI said.  “I only began to understand the barrier and social injustice that they have to put up with when I met them face to face and listen to their stories.”


The film marks Loletta LEE’s return to acting after a long hiatus.  “My career is deeply rooted here,” LEE said.  “I hope our new generation of filmmakers can preserve and revitalise the heritage of Hong Kong cinema.”


HKIFF45 features in-theatre and online screenings from 1 April to 12 April.  Details of the programme and ticketing information are available at www.hkiff.org.hk.




HKIFF45 Hosts World Premiere of Time

HKIFF45 Hosts World Premiere of Time

The 45th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF45) tonight hosted the world premiere of Time, a satirical black comedy about Hong Kong’s ageing population starring Patrick TSE and Petrina FUNG, two household names from Hong Kong’s golden age of Cantonese cinema.


Joining TSE and producer Gordan LAM on the Hong Kong Cultural Centre stage to greet the audience were co-stars LAM Suet, CHUNG Suet-ying, YAN Zi-fei, Zeno KOO, CHAU Chung, Stephanie HO, LAM Yiu-sing, FU Ka-tsun, and LAW Wing-cheong.


Directed by first-time director Ricky KO, Time features TSE as a once-lethal hitman who could no longer make a living, reuniting with former partners FUNG and LAM Suet to undertake more deadly but surprising missions. 


Producer LAM – himself a formidable character actor – said that working with TSE was a dream come true.  “TSE’s flamboyant screen persona is well known to most audiences,” LAM said.  “But then I come to realise that he has been looking for a breakthrough.  That’s why from the creative to the production stages, we must take everything seriously to live up to his expectations.”


TSE, now 84, comes out of retirement and discovers a renewed passion from the new generation of filmmakers.  “I was worried that I couldn’t get along with the crew as they are all very young – from the director, the screenwriter, down to the cast,” TSE said.  “But I ended up enjoying every minute of it and was very impressed by their professionalism.  They made me feel revitalised, just like the assassin in Time.”


HKIFF45 features in-theatre and online screenings from 1 April to 12 April 2021. Details of the programme and ticketing information are available at www.hkiff.org.hk.



HKIFF45 Kicks Off With Septet: The Story of Hong Kong Gala Premiere

HKIFF45 Kicks Off With Septet: The Story of Hong Kong Gala Premiere

The 45th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF45) kicks off tonight with the gala premiere of Septet: The Story of Hong Kong, a celebration by seven iconic filmmakers of Hong Kong and the cinema that they love.


Joining directors Sammo HUNG, Ann HUI, Patrick TAM, YUEN Wo-ping, and Johnnie TO at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre opening ceremony are HKIFF45 Ambassador Aaron KWOK and Gary MAK, the Assistant Head of Create Hong Kong.  Also present are cast members Timmy HUNG, Jennifer YU, YUEN Wah, Ashley LAM, NG Wing-sze, WU Tsz-tung, Eric TSUI, Simon YAM, Mimi KUNG, CHEUNG Tat-ming, LAM Suet, and Lawrence LAU.


Septet: The Story of Hong Kong covers seven periods in the city’s recent history, offering a nostalgic yet aspiring omnibus through the filmmakers’ unique artistic visions.


HKIFF45 features over 190 films during its 12-day extravaganza, which goes hybrid for the first time with physical in-theatre and online screenings and events, including 63 world, international and Asian premieres, and a retrospective honouring Stanley KWAN, this year’s Filmmaker-in-Focus.


“We have come back stronger than ever after overcoming many setbacks and challenges last year because of COVID-19,” Hong Kong International Film Festival Society chairman Wilfred WONG enthused.  “And I am excited by new opportunities to connect audiences through the virtual channel on the occasion of our 45th anniversary.”


Programme details and ticketing information of the hybrid HKIFF45, which takes place from 1 to 12 April, are available at www.hkiff.org.hk.




Additional HKIFF45 Tickets Go On Sale After Relaxation of Social-Distancing Measures

Additional HKIFF45 Tickets Go On Sale After Relaxation of Social-Distancing Measures

The 45th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF45) will offer additional tickets for sale to the public for close to 70 Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tai Kwun, and Hong Kong Arts Centre screenings.


The announcement follows the government’s relaxation of social-distancing measures, lifting the seating capacity in cinemas and performance venues from 50 to 75 per cent starting 1 April. 


Most screenings benefitting from the increased capacity are previously sell-outs, including the festival’s opening and closing films – Septet: The Story of Hong Kong and Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy, Stanley KWAN’s Rouge, Center Stage (Director’s Cut), and First Night Nerves, and WONG Kar Wai’s three restored classics – Fallen Angels, Happy Together, and 2046­.  HKIFF45 will also make extra tickets available for the popular Shochiku Cinema: 100th Anniversary, Chinese-language restored classics, and world cinemas programmes. 


“We can now accommodate a larger audience for the screenings of award-winning films such as City Hall, About Endlessness, An Officer and a Spy, Rifkin’s Festival, and Wife of a Spy,” said Geoffrey WONG, HKIFFS Director of Programming.  “More people can come to experience exciting works like Minari, We Made a Beautiful Bouquet, Drifting, and Time by promising young filmmakers as well.”


Extra tickets for screenings from 1 to 7 April will go on sale this Thursday, 1 April, at 10 am through all URBTIX outlets.  Extra tickets for screenings from 8 to 12 April will go on sale next Thursday, 8 April, at 10 am through all URBTIX outlets.   For details of the programme and ticketing information, please visit www.hkiff.org.hk



HKIFF45 Announces Additional Screenings

HKIFF45 Announces Additional Screenings






The 45th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF45) today announces nine additional screenings and releases extra tickets for four other shows in response to overwhelming demands.


Three highly sought-after WONG Kar Wai restored masterpieces – Fallen Angels, Happy Together, and 2046 – will have an additional screening at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre’s Grand Theatre.  Also, more audiences can now enjoy the classics by Stanley KWAN, HKIFF45’s Filmmaker in FocusLove Unto Wastes and the double-bill of Yang ± Yin: Gender in Chinese Cinema and Still Love You After All These will receive additional screenings, with HKIFF45 releasing more tickets for Rouge and Center Stage (Director’s Cut).


Likewise, additional screenings or tickets will become available for the sold-out Gorbachev. Heaven, We Made a Beautiful Bouquet, An Officer and a Spy, Corpus Christi, Collective, and Flee.  Added quotas will be available for those who opt to watch Me and the Cult Leader on the HKIFF45 ONLINE screening platform. 


For detailed information, please refer to the table below.


Tickets for all newly-added screenings will go on sale this Friday, 26 March.  The public can purchase tickets for the Hong Kong Cultural Centre screenings through all URBTIX outlets, as well as the HKIFF45 ONLINE tickets at www.hkiff.org.hk from 10:00am.  While from 11:00am onwards, patrons can purchase tickets for the K11 Art House screenings at its box-office or through MCL Cinema’s website (www.mclcinema.com) and mobile ticketing app. 



Additional Screening Schedule



Film Title




Additional Screenings


Fallen Angels   


4:00 pm

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre


Happy Together


4:00 pm




4:00 pm


Yang ± Yin: Gender in Chinese Cinema + Still Love You After All These


7:15 pm




K11 Arthouse


Corpus Christi


7:15 pm




7:30 pm




9:45 pm


Gorbachev. Heaven


9:50 pm


Love Unto Wastes


9:55 pm

Additional Tickets




1:30 pm

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre (Upper Circle)


Center Stage (Director’s Cut)


2:30 pm


We Made a Beautiful Bouquet


9:40 pm


An Officer and a Spy


4:25 pm

Additional Viewing Quota on HKIFF45 ONLINE


Me and the Cult Leader







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